Grubon – instant beverage range for the vending sector


Instant beverage range for the vending sector

Grubon - the instant beverage range for your vending machine or manual preparation

For decades, Grubon has offered one of the most comprehensive product ranges of instant filling products for vending machines. This includes high-quality instant teas, cocoas, flavoured and classic cappuccinos, toppings and coffee creamers. All products are available in different versions from standard to premium and a variety of flavours. Grubon’s established product range gives you everything you need for your vending machines. Discover our extensive range and find the right products for you. 


Grubon goes vegan! The Grubon product range of Schoppe Instant Beverages now also includes vegan toppings and instant chocolate drinks. Now also with the official V-label of the European Vegetarian Union.

Our entirely plant-based and vegan oat-based topping offers a delicious alternative to conventional milk toppings. Whether used in coffee, tea or an especially creamy cappuccino, the vegan topping enhances hot beverages without diluting their flavour and the readily soluble powder adds a wonderful flavour to your beverage with its slightly sweet oat taste.

Enjoy a delightful alternative to a milk-based chocolate drink with our vegan cocoa. Made from premium raw ingredients and certified Rainforest Alliance cocoa, Grubon's vegan cocoa has a lovely creamy and full-bodied taste. Give your range even more variety with this vegan cocoa from Grubon.
Add extra sustainability to your hot beverage vending machine and offer your customers entirely plant-based, premium hot beverages.

Instant chocolate drinks from Grubon

Grubon’s cocoas provide chocolate indulgence that’s in a class of its own! Premium raw ingredients are combined with Grubon's years of experience to create instant chocolate drinks. Perfect for all hot chocolate lovers!

Our vending cocoas are extensively tested by our experts in the product development team to ensure you can reliably use them in vending machines. You’ll find a wide range of different cocoas and chocolate drinks in our comprehensive Grubon range, as well as a white chocolate for vending machines. Choose between a range of different flavours and price points. Schoppe Instant Beverages also offers a reduced-tax cocoa beverage at 7% VAT for vending machines.

Along with our huge range of products for the vending sector, we also have a large selection of instant chocolate beverages for manual preparation, which can be stirred quickly and easily in a glass or mug.

Coffee creamers, toppings and vanilla

Whether we’re talking about creamy cappuccinos, café au lait or latte macchiato crowned by its classic fine foam: As far as delicious hot beverages from vending machines are concerned, Grubon’s coffee creamers and toppings are indispensable.
Developed using regionally produced, high-quality skimmed milk powder, Grubon’s instant toppings are the ideal dairy alternative for coffee and tea.

The powder solutions offer a decisive advantage over conventional fresh milk, especially when used in vending machines. They have a longer shelf life and involve significantly less cleaning. By choosing different products and quantities of coffee creamers and toppings, you can adapt the flavour, colour and amount of froth, producing the ideal coffee or tea beverage for your specific requirements.

The Grubon range has a range of different flavours and price points with the right product for every taste and requirement. The portfolio also includes a granulated skimmed milk powder produced from 100% skimmed milk powder, an oat-based vegan topping made entirely from plant-based ingredients, and a lactose-free topping. 

Our vanilla drink – a vanilla-flavoured instant beverage – is an absolute must for your hot beverage vending machine.
All products are tried and tested for use in vending machines and guarantee reliable vending.

Cappuccinos and flavoured cappuccinos

The classic beverage in a variety of flavours, prepared in an instant! Grubon’s instant cappuccino and flavoured cappuccino beverages can be used in vending machines and for manual preparation. Irrespective of the preparation method, they offer an impressively full-bodied taste sensation that combines coffee and milk notes in perfectly balanced proportions.

Besides their classic cappuccino, Grubon offers a range of flavourings from traditional chocolate to vanilla or hazelnut and even crème brûlée for an indulgent sweet and creamy coffee. The less sweet Grubon cappuccino offers a better choice for those who prefer a milder taste. Grubon has the perfect cappuccino for every taste – give it a try!

Instant tea beverages

Prepared quickly and easily: Instant tea beverages from Grubon not only taste fruity, sweet and delicious, they are also extremely easy to prepare. Simply add the right quantity of instant beverage into a cup according to the desired strength, fill with hot or cold water and enjoy the delicious tea without having to wait! All of our instant tea beverages are suitable for dispensing and are ideal for vending machines.

Our range includes the popular lemon tea, as well as flavours such as Turkish apple, mint, chai, and wild fruit tea.  Grubon’s instant teas can be used to create full-bodied beverages, either as a refreshing cool drink in summer or a classic hot drink. Discover your favourites!


Regardless of whether you favour manual preparation, wish to equip your vending machine or would like whole beans, Grubon’s coffee range has the ideal coffee for any requirement.

Grubon instant coffee is distinguished by a rich aromatic intensity which is crafted by the slow roasting of select coffee beans.

The brand also offers the high-quality roast coffee blend Schümli Spezial for espresso machines and automatic coffee machines. The well-balanced blend of premium arabica and select robusta beans produces an especially good crema. Give it a try and discover your new favourite coffee!