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A long tradition of enjoyment

Instant chocolate drinks from SCHO®

SCHO® ‘s cocoas provide chocolate indulgence that’s in a class of its own! Premium raw ingredients are combined with Schoppe Instant Beverages's years of experience to create instant chocolate drinks for our traditional brand SCHO®. Perfect for all hot chocolate lovers!

Our vending cocoas are extensively tested by our experts in the product development team to ensure you can reliably use them in vending machines. You’ll find a wide range of different cocoas and chocolate drinks in our comprehensive SCHO® range, as well as a white chocolate for vending machines.

Choose between a range of different flavours and price points. Schoppe Instant Beverages also offers a reduced-tax cocoa beverage at 7% VAT for vending machines.

Along with our huge range of products for the vending sector, we also have instant chocolate beverages for manual preparation, which can be stirred quickly and easily in a glass or mug.

Our Choco No. 101 “Smooth”, which contains 13 % cocoa, will delight with its deliciously creamy mouthfeel and a balanced ratio of milk and cocoa.

A smooth, sweet flavour and milk chocolate aroma makes Choco No. 101 the perfect blend with instant visual appeal created by its characteristic lightcoloured crown of thick froth.

Recommended dosage: 25 g powder to 180 ml hot water (max. 80°C)

(before Grubon Choco Clou Vending)

Choco No. 102 “Rich” is our classic chocolate drink, containing 14 % cocoa.

Perfect for all hot chocolate lovers with its exceptional, milky-chocolate mouthfeel, its intense cocoa aroma and a well-balanced sweet chocolate taste. Choco No. 102 can be prepared manually and is also suitable for hot drink vending machines.

Recommended dosage: 25 g powder to 180 ml hot water (max. 80°C)

(before Grubon Choco Clou MMP)

A new addition to SCHO® ‘s Expert Selection is Choco No. 103 “Intense”, containing 15 % cocoa.

Its slightly bitter yet intense chocolate flavour is every chocolate lover's dream. A sophisticated product for first-class cocoa indulgence.

For this chocolate drink we use exclusively Rainforest Alliance-certified cocoa powder, which is produced according to methods based on the three pillars of sustainability:
Ecology, economy and social principles

Recommended dosage: 25 g powder to 180 ml hot water (max. 80°C)

Our Choco No. 104 “Original” has a tried-and-tested recipe based on sweet whey powder and 13 % cocoa and has been a best seller in our product range for many years.

It has an extremely well-balanced flavour profile with cocoa and sweet notes, scoring highly with its rounded mouthfeel. Choco No. 104 has been developed for manual preparation and dissolves well after stirring briefly.

Recommended dosage: 26 g powder to 180 ml hot water (max. 80°C)

(before Grubon Kakaotrunk)

The Choco No.105 "Classic", the successor to the Grubon type cocoa, is now made with Rainforest Alliance-certified cocoa. This cocoa is made on the basis of sweet whey powder and a cocoa content of 14.5 %. It convinces with its pleasantly creamy and chocolaty taste experience.

Choco No.105 also has a lot to offer visually with its beautiful light foam. The cocoa is suitable for both manual preparation and preparation in a vending machine.

(before Grubon Typ Kakao)