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Café au lait, cappuccino, and other specialities without conventional milk? This has been possible for a long time thanks to vegan milk substitutes. Now, Schoppe Instant Beverages can offer its customers a plant-based topping powder as well as a vegan cocoa for vegan vending machines. Both products are ideally suited to vending machine and office applications.

From niche trend to lifestyle

No longer a niche trend, vegan foods are now an established lifestyle choice. Entire supermarket shelves with plant-based products have long become normal and the vending industry is no different, with more and more vending machines offering vegan food. Private label specialist Schoppe Instant Beverages is now also addressing this development for hot beverage vending machines. The two new plant-based products mean that operators, office coffee services, coffee shops and the catering sectors can serve their customers a vegan speciality coffee or vegan cocoa at the touch of a button.

Oat basis

The new topping powder is based on oats. It enhances the coffee speciality, giving a slight hint of sweetness. Our new topping powder is made of vegan ingredients and meets all the requirements that we place on our traditional milk versions.  It complements the flavour of the ground coffee beans, adding a creamy taste, and produces an impressively fine froth, meeting all the criteria that café au lait drinkers place on their favourite beverage: It transforms the coffee into a full-bodied latte speciality, lightens it to a creamy colour, and tops it all off with a beautifully fine foam. Just as you are used to, only vegan.

Entirely plant-based cocoa with an impressive flavour

In addition to its entirely plant-based topping, Schoppe Instant Beverages also offers its customers an entirely plant-based cocoa for vending machines. The instant cocoa beverage contains zero animal ingredients.  The combination of high-quality raw ingredients creates an intense chocolatey flavour, which is just as delicious as a traditional chocolate beverage. With these products, Schoppe expands its range to include a growing sector of the food industry, thereby offering its customers the possibility of successfully entering the vegan vending market.

Highest demands on production

As you would expect, Schoppe Instant Beverages pays special attention to the proper processing of its products, which includes the production of vegan products. Production facilities are thoroughly cleaned before the manufacturing process to prevent any residues of animal components. The same applies to the packaging plants for the new topping and new cocoa, and of course Schoppe conforms to all the major European standards such as ISO and IFS.

From the idea to the quality product

As a member of the Uelzena Group, Schoppe Instant Beverages has been developing and producing premium instant beverage solutions for brand manufacturers and hot beverage professionals for decades. Customers of Schoppe Instant Beverages can either purchase the vegan products in their own packaging as private label or from our own brand “Grubon". The quicker and low-risk way of testing out the new product concepts.

Thanks to its expert knowledge and market focus, the private label specialist also offers its customers tailor-made product innovations. Schoppe Instant Beverages offers an extensive product range that includes relevant services along the entire supply chain from recipe development to sourcing raw ingredients and packaging to storage.

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