Food seals for your instant beverages

Seals are becoming a increasingly common sight on food packaging. Labelling products with food seals highlights to consumers that – depending on the seal – specific guidelines have been observed in raw material production, manufacture or trade and these labels should therefore offer a form of guidance. But what do the different food certificates actually mean, in detail? Let us explain the award criteria for the food seals that we, at Schoppe, offer for your private label instant beverages.

Schoppe Instant Beverages offers these food certificates

EU organic seal

Raw materials from organic farming, which fulfil the criteria of the EU Eco-regulation and are checked by farming associations and eco-inspection bodies.

Rainforest Alliance seal

Quality seal for our cocoa, coffee and tea from sustainable agriculture with safe and fair working conditions in the countries of origin.

Fairtrade seal

Social, environmental and economic standards should ensure fair global trade with fair conditions for all parties in the production and supply chain.

The benefits of having food seals on your products

When you manufacture your private label instant beverage with Schoppe Instant Beverages, you can select one of our food certificates and we will manufacture your product in the relevant quality. This also gives you the advantages of having one or multiple food seal(s) on your products. Advantages such as:

  • Active support of fair trade and working conditions as well as sustainable farming
  • Commitment to the quality of individual products supported by independent inspection bodies
  • Improved brand image by using sustainability seals
  • Guidance for consumers when selecting a product
  • Differentiation of products from the competition or the ability to compete with other companies that are already using food seals on their products

As part of the product development of your instant beverages we advise you on selecting the right food seal and ensure that all guidelines and criteria are fulfilled during production. If you have any questions about the different food certificates or manufacturing a private label product, you can get in touch with our sales contacts at any time.

Schoppe Instant Beverages offers these company certificates