Rainforest Alliance seal at Schoppe

There are numerous certifications for cocoa and coffee products, and from 1 September 2020 there will be another – the Rainforest Alliance seal has had an upgrade. The new certification seal of the Rainforest Alliance combines the UTZ seal and the old Rainforest Alliance seal under a new mark. Find out here what this means, which requirements need to be met for certification, what benefits this may hold and which products you can purchase from Schoppe with the new Rainforest Alliance seal.


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Significance of the Rainforest Alliance seal

The Rainforest Alliance seal represents shared responsibility and collective action, as well as a vision of continuous improvement, transparency and an open commitment to a better, more sustainable future.

This brings into focus the positive impact of responsible decision-making, starting from the farms and forests right up to the supermarket checkout.

The little green frog on the Rainforest Alliance seal symbolises a healthy ecosystem and world in which people and nature live together in harmony: Farmers, forestry businesses, companies and consumers.

Key priorities are sustainable farming, professionalising farm management and transparency across the entire supply chain.
The Rainforest Alliance has its headquarters in New York and operates in more than 50 countries around the world. Consultations with farmers and certifications take place primarily in tropical countries in central America and Africa, and products with the Rainforest Alliance seal are predominantly sold in Europe and North America.

Criteria for the certificate

The sustainable sourcing of raw ingredients via the Rainforest Alliance’s certification programme is an opportunity for your company to make a visible, positive contribution to sustainable sourcing and to improve the living and working conditions of people in these areas. When the Rainforest Alliance seal is displayed on agricultural products such as coffee, tea or cocoa, this means that the product or one of the ingredients it contains comes from farms that are certified either according to the certification programme of the Rainforest Alliance or the UTZ code of conduct. When reviewing whether a Rainforest Alliance seal can be awarded, the following aspects are scrutinised:

  • Management
  • Farming
  • Climate-friendly agriculture and deforestation
  • Working conditions
  • Environmental compatibility
  • Administrative traceability
  • Physical traceability
  • Product labelling
  • Product protection

Farmers are instructed on the issues of a ban on child labour, gender equality, resources and environmental protection, climate-friendly farming methods and much more.

Schoppe products with the Rainforest Alliance seal

Sustainability is extremely important at Schoppe Instant Beverages. Which is why we also offer our customers additional food seals for their products besides the Rainforest Alliance seal, such as the Fairtrade seal or the EU organic seal. We would be happy to advise you about the advantages and disadvantages of each of the food seals, and to support you with their implementation.

The following products can be produced with the Rainforest Alliance seal at Schoppe Instant Beverages:

  • Instant chocolate for vending machines
  • Capsule cocoa
  • Drinking chocolate
  • Instant chocolate with whole milk powder
  • Instant latte macchiato
  • Instant cappuccino
  • Instant café au lait
  • Instant 3-in-1 coffee

Download our Rainforest Alliance certificate

Benefits of having the Rainforest Alliance seal on your product

The benefits here are not just compliance with the criteria when manufacturing your products and the associated farming and working conditions of the cocoa and coffee farmers. Your product image will also be positively influenced by sustainable certifications.

More and more products – particularly in the cocoa and coffee product ranges – are being awarded seals and certificates, which means that it is becoming more difficult to distinguish products without certificates from competitor products on the market. What’s more, public awareness and therefore consumer demand for sustainable products is also on the rise.
At Schoppe, we consider it vital to offer our customers certificates that are well established on the market to ensure their success.
Schoppe regularly undergoes recurring audits for the individual seals and is therefore always up to date when it comes to compliance with sustainability seals.

If you're still uncertain, please contact us and send us your questions. We are happy to advise which consumer groups and locations would benefit from a seal.

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