Toppings & Coffee Creamers

Private label

Tailor-made products for your coffee specialities

At Schoppe Instant Beverages, we are specialists in private label toppings and coffee creamers. The experience we have gained over the years in the instant beverage field makes us a strong and dependable partner with a special focus on premium private label instant beverages for the most diverse applications.

These include toppings and coffee creamers for use in vending machines or capsules to create a wide range of coffee specialities.

We do, of course, also develop private label toppings and coffee creamers to simply add to hot coffee, stir with a spoon and enjoy your ready-made coffee. We're the perfect partner to support you with all three instant beverage applications.

And all of our products are developed to meet the highest requirements for taste, quality, functionality and service. We collaborate closely with you to create the most suitable recipe, technical production process and packaging unit for your individual requirements.

In addition to individual private label products, you can also make use of our extensive portfolio of established brand, SCHO®. These products offer a convenient way of expanding your range or trying out new products.

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Turn your instant beverage into something special

Plant and/or milk-based

Different ratios of skimmed milk

For manual preparation, all standard vending or capsule machines

Organic or lactose-free

Various fat percentages

Topping powders made with 100 % skimmed milk

Innovative products from Schoppe Instant Beverages

The market for capsule systems and vending machines is in constant flux: New devices and technologies are constantly being developed, which then require new instant beverages. Schoppe Instant Beverages is well positioned to support you. We closely monitor market trends and can therefore respond quickly – together with you – if innovative new products need to be developed. We also offer a variety of options to customise your private label coffee creamer or topping. For instance, we could create a premium organic topping for your office coffee service or tailor-made easy-to-dissolve topping powders for a capsule.

Packaging options for your private label toppings and coffee creamers

Choose from a wide range of packaging options for all our instant beverages. Vending products are typically packaged in practical and secure pouches. Products for manual preparation are often packed in sachets or sticks, which are then repacked in folding cartons. Your private label toppings or coffee creamers can also be securely sealed in a tin or resealable pouch.

Your expert for private label toppings and coffee creamers

Our focus, besides good flavour, is on how our products work in the respective application.

Coffee creamers and toppings produce a fine froth to finish your latte macchiato, whiten hot drinks such as tea and coffee to perfection, and create a creamy milk flavour in your favourite latte. They are valued for their long shelf life and being extremely easy to use – a key advantage over fresh milk for the catering sector, the vending machine market or for your office coffee service. If you’d like a complete instant blend, Schoppe also supplies an extensive range of instant coffees. You may like an instant cappuccino or latte macchiato with assorted flavourings such as vanilla, hazelnut or caramel.