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Safety and quality

Products for vending machines need to have a great taste, but equally important are properties such as:

  • free-flowing
  • electrostatics
  • dust generation
  • solubility
  • hygroscopicity

This is why we equipped our technical center with different types of vending machines: from a premium table top machine used in the catering business to a floor-mounted machine often found in canteens.

We have developed specific tests for products used in vending machines in order to mimic the conditions in practice.

For example, we can simulate very warm and humid climate zones in order to customize product properties to specific requirements as well as to ensuring a safe product.


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for your instant beverage

Technical center equipped with different vending systems

Simulation of challenging climate conditions including warm and humid climatic zones

Quick response to changes in food legislation or new ideas from suppliers

Ongoing further development of our processes

Safe quality of vending products

Over several steps, the recipe that we develop is scaled up to production levels and our development experts stay with you until all parameters have been met and you have released the product. Only if you as our customer are satisfied with a product, are we satisfied as well.

This also includes responding quickly to new ideas from our suppliers or to changes in food legislation and to constantly developed processes further. This is why we have enjoyed the trust of our renowned customers for many decades.

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