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Instant beverages made by Schoppe Instant Beverages are of exceptional quality and offer the best properties for use in vending and capsule machines. Behind the products you’ll find a customised, personal service from our sales team and an entire supply chain focused specifically on developing and producing instant beverages.
All activities are directed towards developing tailored solutions and concepts in the instant beverage sector and towards strengthening the brands of our customers. Which is why we offer tailored support for every individual customer – from the initial enquiry or product idea to the delivered product. The variety of instant beverages include:

According to the motto “Individual care – perfect fit for your business” we position ourselves as a medium-sized producer with a strong tradition.

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Customised advice and personal service

A new collaboration or new project starts with our sales team providing individual consultation. Schoppe Instant Beverages prides itself on its highly personalised service. A proficient sales team in collaboration with you as our customer, defines the framework conditions of the project: Which product, which powder properties, and which packaging are desired.

For example, this could be a vending machine cocoa with 12 % organic cocoa for your office coffee service, packed in a custom-designed foil pouch. Let’s take a look at what happens next. At the steps, some of which may run in parallel, that are part of the process of creating this organic cocoa for vending machines:

Step 1: Product development

In close cooperation with our customers, our development team devises an initial recipe for the organic cocoa. This includes carefully selecting the right raw ingredients to achieve the desired product profile and optimising the required product properties as far as possible. Once the recipe has been approved for taste by the customer, trials are conducted in our technical centre or in the production plant, depending on the recipe complexity and the required powder properties. If the recipe wasn’t approved in the first tasting, it is adjusted by our development experts until it conforms to customer wishes and vending machine requirements. Finally, the sensory parameters of the first production run, such as taste and mouthfeel, and the properties in vending machines, are evaluated by the product developers, our internal sensory panel and of course, our customers.


Step 2: Packaging selection

The choice of packaging is also highly individual and is supported by our sales and purchasing teams, who coordinate and handle this process. Besides traditional pouches or tins, we also offer sticks or sachets in folding cartons. Promotional packaging or trays are also available. The outcome of the consultation process in this case: The organic cocoa for the office coffee service is packed in a 1 kg pouch printed with an image provided by the customer.

Step 3: Centralised raw ingredient and packaging purchasing

Our service at Schoppe Instant Beverages also includes purchasing the necessary raw ingredients and materials. From negotiation to requesting the right quantity at the right time. In compliance with the high requirement profile and quality considerations, our raw ingredients and packaging materials are generally sourced by long-standing business partners.

At the request of our customers we also source ingredients certified as Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance or organic and can advise on the advantages and disadvantages of these sustainability standards. In the example of the organic cocoa for the office coffee service, all of the raw ingredients in the recipe are sourced by our centralised purchasing department as organic, they are checked in an internal goods receipt inspection and prepared for production.

Step 4: Production

Various technologies are available to produce instant beverages. These include blending dry components, spray drying liquid raw ingredient blends, and agglomeration to improve the powder structure and solubility.
Depending on how and where the finished product will subsequently be used, our product development team selects the optimum manufacturing process. Schoppe has decades of expertise using these technologies and is an expert in the use of instant beverages in vending machines, capsule products or for manual preparation.
Returning to our organic cocoa, the approved recipe is now passed from product development to production and assigned to the corresponding large-scale plant. To produce organic products, all systems in the process chain are first deep cleaned to organic standards. Continuous quality control at all stages ensures that the organic cocoa conforms to the agreed specification.

Step 5: Warehouse and logistics

After manufacture and packaging, the organic cocoa is taken to our local warehouse where it is safely stored under optimum conditions until it is collected by our customer. This makes us extremely flexible and we can, if customers so require, also offer warehouse services. Short routes and no transportation to external warehouses mean that Schoppe can be even more efficient and with its the leaner logistics, better respond to specific, short-term or changed customer requirements. At customer request, we can organise transportation and arrange delivery in addition to our warehouse services. 

Schoppe stands for quality

All major European quality standards, such as ISO and IFS, are integral to our company. Sustainable sourcing, social standards and fair-trade raw ingredients are at the core of our products and services. Schoppe Instant Beverages offers a complete, comprehensive package, professional service and the best quality products.

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