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Products for manual preparation need to taste good and be easy to make. When stirred with a spoon, the product must dissolve quickly in water or milk and produce a ready–to-drink product. From cocoa-containing instant drinks to premium drinking chocolate and tea beverages, we have the right instant solutions for you. Products prepared by hand are commonly made when vending machines are unavailable, for example:

  • in the household
  • at leisure times
  • or in small offices

However, in coffee shops or at the breakfast buffet in a hotel, a premium quality drinking chocolate, a delicious chai tea or a vanilla cappuccino in a stick will really complete the offering.

It’s not only optimal solubility, froth stability as well as internal and external color that are important components for products intended to be prepared by hand, but also their taste.

Schoppe Instant Beverages can draw on many years of experience and the respective production technologies in order to develop the product that is right for you. We also have a large range of ready-to-use recipes for manual preparation applications at hand for you. Please contact us for details.



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