Instant chocolate
for capsules

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Would you like to expand your range of capsule products with an instant cocoa drink? Here at Schoppe Instant Beverages, we will develop together with you a cocoa drink in a capsule that perfectly fits your system. One aspect always takes center stage: your success.

For many years we have been producing powders - in particular cocoa-containing instant beverages - for all commonly available capsule systems. The constant optimization of our processes and products allows us to actively shape the further development of the markets.

Your benefits

For all relevant capsule systems
Fast development of market-ready products
With pilot scale tests (technical center)
Optimally to dissolve
Perfect functionality

Packaging options

Big Bag
Big Bag

Customized development and production of instant chocolate for capsules

As an expert for instant beverages we are familiar with all relevant systems and we know precisely how to make the cocoa comply with the respective requirements. Decisive in this process are the characteristics of the raw material, the recipe and the production process. Before we start the production, we use internal measuring methods and the equipment in our technical center to imitate real conditions.

This prevents problems, allows a short time to market and a fully functional product. When it comes to production, we apply a process specifically developed for the manufacturing of instant cocoa drinks in a capsule. It is not the taste that is crucial here but the dissolving of the product in the capsule. With our respective processes, we guarantee good solubility and proper functioning. Get your creative juices flowing!

Easy to use capsule products

If you want cocoa drink pleasure at the push of a button and as convenient as possible, then you should choose a capsule product. Today, there are a number of different systems available on the market.

They all require a different approach regarding development of the right cocoa capsule. The brewing technology, the capsule system and the filling technology determine the properties of the powder inside the capsule.

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