Hot chocolate

Private label

Developed especially for you

Would you like to expand your capsule range to include a private label hot chocolate capsule? Or supply your chocolate beverages for capsule machines as well? In collaboration with you, Schoppe Instant Beverages can develop a hot chocolate capsule that is perfectly tailored to your system. Our focus is always on you: your wishes, your requirements, your success – and of course on creating an impressive and delicious taste!

Extensive experience for your success

We have been producing instant chocolate drinks for standard capsule machines for years, all the while optimising our processes and products to actively shape market development. This enables us to offer private label hot chocolate capsules with exceptional flavour and functionality. Making sure all the powder in the capsule completely dissolves requires a great deal of product development experience. Determining factors include:

  • the right capsule fill volume
  • the bulk weight
  • the powder texture

Every system uses a different capsule type and size and requires different solubility properties in the capsule.  We would be more than happy to apply our experience in the field of capsule products to support you in your projects.


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Your benefits when collaborating with Schoppe Instant Beverages

  • Product development for all standard capsule machines
  • Rapid development of marketable products thanks to small-scale testing (technical centre)
  • Substantial experience in developing capsule products
  • Optimal solubility
  • Flawless functionality

Packaging options

Big Bag
Big Bag

Development and manufacture of hot chocolate capsules as private label products

As an expert in instant hot beverages, we are familiar with all the relevant applications and know precisely how your private label hot chocolate capsule should fulfil the relevant machine requirements for capsules and preparation.
The characteristics of the raw ingredients, the recipe composition and production process all play a decisive role. Before we start to produce the powder, we use internal measurement methods and technical equipment to replicate real-life conditions. In our technical centre, we can seal the instant beverage in different capsule types and perform specific application tests. This allows us to detect and prevent any problems early on and help you, as our customer, to quickly produce a fully functional, marketable product.

Technical centre with extensive experimental expertise

The technical centre provides us with small-scale production facilities, thereby offering a trial platform under realistic production conditions. This is also where we produce our sample products. The following product tests can be conducted in the technical centre:

  • Storage/climate tests
  • Sealing and brewing tests for capsules
  • General bulk weight testing
  • Particle structure
  • Dust formation

Our manufacturing processes are specialised and specifically developed for producing hot chocolate capsules. They ensure your product is fully functional and dissolves well, key market success factors.

Hot chocolate at the touch of a button

If you want to enjoy a hot chocolate drink at the touch of a button, with as little effort as possible, choose a capsule product. As well as instant chocolate drinks you can also get delicious drinking chocolate or high-quality instant chocolate in capsules. You can choose from a series of raw ingredients, certified according to UTZ, organic or Fairtrade standards, and upgrade your private label hot chocolate capsules. Our goal is the perfect product for you!