Instant Frappé

Private label

The perfect choice for hot summer days

A classic café frappé is shaken with ice cubes or a blend of coffees from spray-dried instant coffee. The perfect frappé isn’t just a matter of flavour, it also needs to be quick and easy to prepare. All our instant powders for cold beverages can be prepared with a blender in a matter of seconds.

As well as our private label instant café frappés, our range of products also includes other chilled classics for warm summer days, such as our vanilla milk-based drink. This is simply added to cold water, stirred with a teaspoon and voilà: Delicious and refreshing milkshake ready for your customers to enjoy.

Our range also includes instant chocolate drinks, which taste just as fantastic chilled as they do hot.

An added scoop of vanilla ice cream creates the ultimate taste.

Beyond great quality and a sensational flavour, we also ensure that all our instant beverages dissolve well. Our product development team for instant beverages has the best concept for every application. In addition to individual private label products, you can also make use of our extensive portfolio of established brand, SCHO®. These products offer a convenient way of expanding your range or trying out new products.

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Frappé – a cult beverage

Did you know that the much-loved café frappé wasn’t a deliberate invention, but a chance discovery? In 1957, a salesperson at an international trade show in Thessaloniki found he had no hot water to make a coffee. On the spot, he grabbed a shaker and prepared the drink cold. Not only did he like the taste, his colleagues at the trade show also found the result inspired.

Soon after that, it was launched as a new product on the market. From its origins in Greece, the frappé then started conquering hearts and taste buds around the world, first becoming a cult beverage in Southeast Europe, Southeast Asia and in the Mediterranean region. Today, no self-respecting coffee shop would be without the frappé on its menu.

Packaging options for your frappé beverage

A variety of different packaging is available depending on the application of your instant beverage. Our private label instant frappés are usually prepared manually using a blender. This tends to suit single-serving sticks or sachets, which are then packaged in folding cartons, bulk cartons or even promotional packaging for retail. You can have a large selection of different tin sizes and the option to pack the private label instant frappé in a traditional or resealable pouch.
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