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Coffee creamers and toppings from SCHO®

Whether we’re talking about creamy cappuccinos, café au lait or latte macchiato crowned by its classic fine foam: As far as delicious hot beverages from vending machines are concerned, SCHO®’s coffee creamers and toppings are indispensable.

Developed from our experts using regionally produced, high-quality skimmed milk powder, our SCHO®’s instant toppings are the ideal dairy alternative for coffee and tea.

The powder solutions offer a decisive advantage over conventional fresh milk, especially when used in vending machines.

They have a longer shelf life and involve significantly less cleaning. By choosing different products and quantities of coffee creamers and toppings, you can adapt the flavour, colour and amount of froth, producing the ideal coffee or tea beverage for your specific requirements.

The SCHO® assortment has a range of different flavours and price points with the right product for every taste and requirement. The portfolio also includes a granulated skimmed milk powder produced from 100% skimmed milk powder or a lactose-free topping.

Our vending sugar from SCHO®, Sugar No. 200, is an extremely fine, free-flowing product designed for vending machines. It dissolves easily without leaving any residue.

Our Sugar No.200 adds an extra touch of sweetness to any drink. 

Recommended dosage: 2-6 g powder to 180 ml ready drink (max. 80°C)



Our Topping No. 201 “Granulated” is made from 100 % skimmed milk and adds a generous and fine-textured milk froth to your coffee specialities.

The natural milky taste of this granulated skimmed milk powder beautifully complements the flavour profile of speciality beverages. It is ideal, for instance, for preparing a latte macchiato.

Recommended dosage: 3-16 g powder to 180 ml ready drink (max. 80°C)


Topping No. 202 “Creamy”, which is based on a plant-based coffee creamer and skimmed milk powder, gives your cappuccino a lovely stable frothy crown.

The selected composition of ingredients gives your coffee specialities a creamy mouthfeel, perfectly complementing its flavour. Our Topping No. 202 blends wonderfully with a wide range of coffee varieties.

Recommended dosage: 5-19 g powder to 180 ml ready drink (max. 80°C)


If you're after a classically good-looking milk froth that generously crowns your beverage, you need Topping No. 203 “Milky”. This topping also offers excellent flow properties for reliable dispensing in vending machines.

Topping No. 203 contains 98 % premium skimmed milk. A full-bodied flavour, it provides the perfect finish for every coffee speciality.

Recommended dosage: 7-17 g powder to 180 ml ready drink (max. 80°C)


Our Creamer No. 204 “Whitener” is a sprayed product produced from milk proteins, plantbased raw ingredients and minerals.

It finishes your coffee perfectly, giving it a golden yellow colour, and tops off your beverage with a lovely white foam. Our coffee whitener Creamer No. 204 is the ideal companion for your coffee and even enhances tea.

Recommended dosage: 2-8 g powder to 130-180 ml ready drink (max. 80°C)


This Topping No. 205 “Lactose-free” produces a generous, stable froth and has excellent flow properties for reliable dispensing in vending machines.

The naturally sweet milky taste from our Topping No. 205 emphasises the flavour profile of the chosen coffee speciality.

Recommended dosage: 8 g powder to 180 ml ready drink (max. 80°C)

The Scho® Topping No. 206 “Organic” made from natural ingredients.

Enhance your coffee speciality by adding a 100% organic milk topping. Made from entirely organic milk ingredients, our Topping No. 206 conjures up the perfectly fine-textured, light frothy crown for every drink.

Recommended dosage: 5-16 g powder to 180 ml ready drink (max. 80°C)

Our Scho® Topping No. 207 “Vegan” offers a classically beautiful froth without animal ingredients. 

Our entirely plant-based Topping No. 207 uses oats and offers a delicious alternative to conventional milk toppings. Whether used in coffee, tea or an especially creamy cappuccino, the vegan Topping No. 207 enhances hot beverages without diluting their flavour and the readily soluble powder adds a wonderful flavour to your beverage with its slightly sweet oat taste.

Recommended dosage: 22 g powder to 180 ml ready drink (max. 80°C)