Instant tea

Private label

To be enjoyed hot or cold

Tea has been enjoying increasing popularity in recent years. A trend that is also reflected in coffee shops and the hot beverages provided in office vending machines.

Take advantage of this market development and the opportunity to offer instant tea beverages beyond classic flavours such as lemon tea.

Private Label instant tea from Schoppe Instant Beverages can generally be prepared as hot or cold drinks. In addition to individual private label products, you can also make use of our extensive portfolio of our established brand SCHO®. These products offer a convenient way of expanding your range or trying out new products.


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Schoppe Instant Beverages offers a wide selection of ready-to-use recipes. Our Private Label customers can choose from instant teas to use in hot beverage vending machines, to teas for capsule systems or manual preparation. Our product development for instant beverages supplies instant tea beverages in a wide variety of flavours. These include:

Instant lemon tea

The classic tea that no hot beverage vending machine should be without. Its freshness has been delighting consumers for years.  Instant lemon tea is very popular in Germany and is also extremely popular internationally. 

Instant Turkish apple tea

Let this tea whisk you away on a flavourful mini-break: An instant tea with a fruity apple flavour that offers a special treat. One that more and more people are discovering for themselves.


Instant chai tea

Indian chai is a comforting, sweet and creamy beverage made from a blend of black tea, aromatic spices such as cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and cloves, and milk and sugar. These spices are firmly rooted in Ayurvedic philosophy, which is where chai originally comes from. Pause for a moment and savour its fragrant, creamy flavour.


Development of instant teas

As a private label expert in the development and production of instant beverages, instant teas are an essential part of our portfolio. For decades, we have offered our customers in the vending, catering and food retail sectors a wide variety of private label instant beverages. Zero limits are imposed on the wishes of our customers and our development experts welcome each and every challenge. At Schoppe Instant Beverages, you have the convenience of a full range of services from one source:

From personal consultation with our sales staff, to the customised development of your chosen recipe, filling into your required packaging, and storage and delivery. Would you like to offer your customers a completely new flavour? We’d love to collaborate with you to develop your own, innovative recipe. By maintaining close contact with our flavour suppliers, we are able to fulfil any flavour request for your instant tea.

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