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Schoppe Instant Beverages is your perfect private label partner for instant beverages. Toppings and coffee creamers for the production of coffee specialties are amongst our traditional products. The advantages that these products have over fresh milk are well known - they can be stored for a longer time, which means which makes them in particular suitable for use in vending machines in canteens, public facilities or in-office coffee services.

Choose the particular toppings and coffee creamers from our product range that best fit your requirements - for example, made from 100% skimmed or whole milk powder with various fat levels, lactose-free or as a granulate. For everyone who prefers sweet drinks, Schoppe Instant Beverages offers a broad range of instant cocoa drinks. High quality drinking chocolate, convenient

cocoa in capsules, products for vending machines or an instant beverage with the fine taste of white chocolate - we have the perfect product for you - guaranteed. For us, the production of Fairtrade or UTZ products presents no problems whatsoever. Always available: With the delicious coffee specialty products from Schoppe Instant Beverages, your customers will have a great start to the day. Whether it is a creamy topping for coffee with milk, latte macchiato or an instant solution for flavored cappuccino - we offer a variety of sophisticated specialty coffees in different options and refinements.

It goes without saying that we will always cater for your needs, for example, when it comes to the selection and composition of raw materials or specific vending product requirements.

Your benefits

Broad product range
Premium preparation performance
For all applications - from capsule to vending machine
Clean label or organic products
Lactose free or granulated products
Innovative product development

Schoppe Instant Beverages also offers delicious instant tea beverages. Our large product variety makes us stand out. From Chai to Matcha, we offer everything that a passionate tea drinker may be looking for. Moreover, we are the right people to ask if you would like to develop a new variety for your customers.

Most instant tea beverages from Schoppe Instant Beverages can generally be prepared with hot or cold liquid. However, you should prepare our frappés cold - either in a vending machine or with crushed ice in a cocktail shaker. Our frappés and cold milk shakes are the perfect cold refreshment on hot summer days.

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