Chocolate drinks for
vending machines

Private label

The sweet must-have

Instant beverages from hot drink vending machines are a practical and popular choice for breaks – and therefore represent a lucrative market. Whether in

  • schools and universities
  • public buildings
  • train stations and airports
  • workplace canteens
  • or in offices – these are all part of the office coffee service sector.

Besides coffee specialities, cocoa and instant chocolate beverages are a must-have item in vending machines. At Schoppe Instant Beverages, we have been producing premium private label chocolate drinks for vending machines for our customers for decades. They are available in a wide range of vending machines around the world. Hot beverage vending machines are just one of three applications for instant beverages that use our products.

In addition to individual private label products, you can also make use of our extensive portfolio of established brand, SCHO®. These products offer a convenient way of expanding your range or trying out new products.


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Technical expertise for your vending machine cocoa

The knowledge we have gained over the decades is put to good use in continuously improving and further developing our private label instant beverages. Thanks to our vast experience in developing hot instant beverages for vending machines, we can supply marketable recipes as well as products developed specifically for you.
We can assure you and your private label vending machine user that the chocolate powder will dissolve properly. The right flow properties also ensure that the product container can dispense the powder without residues. High-quality and reliable product characteristics ensure that dosage volumes remain constant and guarantee compatibility with other products in the vending machine. What matters most to the end consumer, however, is the taste: We can provide a wide variety of flavour profiles and would be more than happy to adapt these to your personal preferences.

Your benefits when using Schoppe's chocolate drinks for vending machines

  • Various product grades and price levels available
  • Production process specifically developed for hot beverage vending machines
  • Guaranteed suitability for vending machines
  • Adaptable dosing, flow properties and bulk weight
  • Choice of various flavour profiles

Packaging options

Big Bag
Big Bag

Private label chocolate drinks for vending machines – to your specifications

The basic components of instant chocolate drinks are always:

  • Cocoa powder
  • Specially screened granulated sugar
  • A milk component such as skimmed milk powder or whey, or
  • A plant-based component to (partially) replace the milk as desired

In contrast, the only ingredients in our private label drinking chocolate and instant chocolate are cocoa and sugar, with varying proportions of cocoa.

Flavour variations

To meet the broad range of consumer demands, we can offer a portfolio with a variety of flavour profiles. This way you can choose between numerous variations and cater to the specific tastes of your customers: From cocoa to drinking chocolate to chocolate drinks, from milky, creamy, sweetened cocoa or a more chocolatey taste to intense cocoa or dark chocolate – anything is possible.

Price levels and product grades

In addition to numerous different flavours, we offer private label chocolate drinks for vending machines in various product grades and pricing levels. In close collaboration with you, we will determine which raw ingredients we select and combine to meet your requirements. The production process also plays an important role in the final product quality. For instance, it can impact the dosage, flowability and bulk weight. Organic, Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance-certified raw ingredients are also available and will determine the price level as well as the positioning of your product. Whatever vending cocoa drink you choose – agglomerated or sprayed – you can still select the most suitable product for your requirements from our entire range.