Chocolate drinks for
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The sweet must-have

You’ll find them almost everywhere: hot beverages from vending machines are a convenient and popular drink for in-between times - and a profitable market. One of the important sales drivers is the chocolate drink from vending machines. Schoppe Instant Beverages has been producing high quality instant cocoa drinks for vending machines for several decades.

We use all of the knowledge that we have acquired so far to constantly further develop and improve our products. Our expertise in developing vending machine products puts us in the position of offering products that are unique on the market. This will give you a decisive competitive advantage.

Your benefits

Selection of different quality and price level
Production processes specifically developed for vending products
Perfectly suited for use in vending machines - guaranteed!
Adaptable bulk weight, dosing and free-flowing properties
More than 400 recipes with various taste profiles

Packaging options

Big Bag
Big Bag

Chocolate drinks for vending machines according to your specifications

The basic ingredients of chocolate drinks for vending machines are cocoa, specifically sifted sugar and a milk component or coffee creamer, depending on what you want. In order to cater for various consumer demands, you can choose from our portfolio of more than 400 recipes with different flavor profiles. Make your choice from numerous variations and focus on the preferred tastes of your customers in a very individual way: milky, creamy, cocoa-sweet or more like chocolate, strong cocoa taste or dark chocolate flavor - everything is possible. In addition to different flavor variations, we also offer chocolate drinks for vending machines in various quality grades and at different price levels.

All of these products are best suited to being used in vending machines. With the right selection and combination of raw materials and with our production processes that have been developed especially for chocolate drinks for vending applications, we can adapt to your dosing, flowability and bulk weight requirements. Whatever type of chocolate drinks you want for your vending machines - agglomerated, sprayed or blended - the choice is yours and you can decide which products are right for your requirements and demands.

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