Latte Macchiato

Private label

Classic coffee beverage – on trend

The coffee speciality latte macchiato remains a firm favourite in catering establishments and the vending sector. Schoppe Instant Beverages offers all varieties of instant coffee beverages, including our private label instant latte macchiato. Regardless of whether you would prefer an instant beverage for capsules, hot beverage vending machines or manual preparation – we have the perfect product for your specific requirements.

The classic latte macchiato is a hot coffee beverage prepared from a milk component and espresso. It differs from café au lait in its higher proportion of milk to coffee. A typical latte macchiato in the catering trade has three layers: milk, coffee and milk foam. These layers are produced when espresso is poured into a glass filled with the milk component.

Private label instant latte macchiato – a versatile classic

The private label instant coffee beverage is a complete instant blend that can be stirred quickly and easily with boiling water to produce a beverage that is ready to enjoy. Our instant latte macchiato powder is every bit as delicious as a latte macchiato prepared the usual way, and is a particularly popular product in vending machines. Flavoured varieties can also be used here.

Add the final touch to your private label instant beverage with delicious flavours such as

  • caramel
  • chocolate
  • vanilla
  • crème brûlée

Adding flavours gives your beverage that extra-special taste. Besides their exceptional taste and authentic foam, our private label latte macchiato powders are tested for flawless functionality in their respective application.

If you wish to upgrade your private label instant latte macchiato, Schoppe has various options for you. We offer standard, organic, Rainforest Alliance-certified or Fairtrade raw ingredients and you can choose between Robusta or Arabica coffee or a blend of the two. We would be glad to support you in developing and implementing your ideas and requests. In addition to individual private label products, you can also make use of our extensive portfolio of established brand, SCHO®. These products offer a convenient way of expanding your range or trying out new products.

Toppings and coffee creamers for your instant latte macchiato

In addition to our latte macchiato powder as a complete blend, it is also possible to add a component such as a coffee creamer or topping to the coffee component in vending machines. Both components are brewed/prepared separately and poured into the cup one after the other.

At Schoppe Instant Beverages, you can choose between numerous varieties of private label toppings and coffee creamers. For example, different grades of milk and fat contents, lactose-free varieties and even high-quality organic toppings. Schoppe has the right product for all requirements and applications.

Your private label instant latte macchiato in the right packaging

Choose the best packaging for your private label instant beverage. You can select from a range of packaging options for your private label latte macchiato: From Big Bags, pouches or stand-up pouches, to tins or convenient sticks and sachets packed in a suitable folding carton.

Times have long gone when someone ordering a coffee was only asked if he preferred it black or with milk and sugar. Today at least two different coffee specialties are a permanent fixture of almost all coffee menus: latte macchiato and cappuccino. What is the difference? Latte macchiato can be instantly recognized visually by its three layers. These are made first of all by heavily whipping the milk to produce froth.

The liquid part of the milk is then poured into a glass and the foam layered on top. Finally a simple thin stream of espresso is poured into the glass. The cappuccino is different because it is served in a cup and not in a glass. It consists of one third espresso and two thirds of only slightly frothed milk. The milk is not the first ingredient to go in the cup but rather follows the espresso unlike the latte macchiato.

Your benefits

  • Numerous varieties of toppings and coffee creamers
  • Fine-textured foam
  • Creamy, mild milky flavour
  • Wide range of instant varieties
  • Many options for flavouring your instant beverage
  • Lactose-free also available