Scho – A long tradition of enjoyment


A long tradition of enjoyment

Scho – a long tradition of enjoyment

Our Scho brand represents high-quality drinking chocolates for manual preparation. As a pioneer of instant beverages, we first started producing premium drinking chocolate for the catering sector in 1952. Even now, we invest a great deal of passion, experience and dedication to further developing our oldest own brand, as well as creating a select range of organic and Fairtrade instant beverage grades. 

Discover the diversity of our products and delight in the intense taste.

Scho - BIO Choko Drink

Scho Bio Choco Drink adds another dimension to your chocolate experience. The creamy, intense chocolate beverage also delivers on taste when prepared in a vending machine.

Inspired by our traditional Scho products to date,we now also offer our chocolate indulgence for vending machines. Our Scho Choco Drink uses only the finest organic and fairtrade ingredients. We buy our cocoa directly from our partner Pronatec, which gives us full transparency and the ability to impact the origin, working and production conditions and transportation.

Our aim is to improve conditions for a sustainable and fair production of high-quality, environmentally friendly cocoa and to provide local support to the cocoa producers.


Scho - Cappucino

The two new Cappuccinos from the Scho organic fairtrade range of Schoppe-Instant-Beverages were developed using premium organic & fairtrade ingredients.

Add a little extra sustainability to your vending machine without compromising the first-class taste that you've come to expect from our Scho products. The organic fairtrade range includes two Cappuccinos with hazelnut and vanilla flavours.

Both Cappuccinos were developed and produced using premium organic and fairtrade raw ingredients. These flavours produce a vending machine beverage with a creamy, sweet taste that sets it apart from the classic options.


Scho - Toppings

Add the final touch to your speciality coffee with the delicious taste of premium organic milk. Prepare your favourite drink from the vending machine with Scho's skimmed milk toppingas easily as with conventional fresh milk.

Made from one hundred percent organic milk, our topping creates the perfect, fine-textured froth to finish any speciality vending machine coffee. The ideal topping for any cappuccino, latte macchiato or café au lait.


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