Scho – A long tradition of enjoyment


A long tradition of enjoyment

Scho – a long tradition of enjoyment

Our Scho brand represents high-quality drinking chocolates for manual preparation. As a pioneer of instant beverages, we first started producing premium drinking chocolate for the catering sector in 1952. Even now, we invest a great deal of passion, experience and dedication to further developing our oldest own brand, as well as creating a select range of organic and Fairtrade instant beverage grades. 

Discover the diversity of our products and delight in the intense taste.

Scho by Schoppe & Schultz:

Scho BIO – sustainable raw ingredients directly from the source

Scho Bio Choco Drink, a product made from top-quality organic and Fairtrade ingredients, adds a new dimension to your chocolate indulgence. The creamy, intense chocolate beverage also delivers on taste when prepared in a vending machine. Inspired by our traditional Scho products, we now offer our chocolate indulgence for vending machines. 

Our new product, Scho Bio Choco Drink, uses sustainable cocoa directly from our partner, who works closely with smallholder farmers cooperatives. The cocoa used is delivered directly to us without any other intermediaries, which means we can check the origin, supply chain, working and production conditions for the products. This provides a high level of transparency for our products in terms of ecological and sustainable farming through organic and Fairtrade certifications. 

By collaborating with PRONATEC, Scho strives for fair trade with its suppliers around the world. PRONATEC aims to produce high-quality cocoa for export and to help smallholders receive a better income. A unique processing centre was built for this purpose where cocoa beans are fermented, dried, calibrated, cleaned and stored. The raw ingredient comes primarily from smallholders affiliated to the Fundación Dominicana de Productores Orgánico in the Dominican Republic. Thanks to our own personnel and regular site visits to the different cooperatives, our partner can directly impact and improve the living conditions of the smallholders. By providing information and transparency on the product origin to our Scho customers, we help you improve your own global footprint. 

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