Instant Chocolate
with Whole Milk

Private label

Our classic product for discerning tastes

Instant chocolate with whole milk powder – previously also called milk chocolate flakes – is the classic product at Schoppe Instant Beverages. Since 1952, we have been producing private label instant chocolate with whole milk powder – in a unique production process that hasn’t changed to this day. For decades, its unparalleled taste has been delighting our customers in different areas, especially:

  •  in catering
  • in retail
  • in coffee shops
  • and in office coffee service businesses.

The cocoa percentage in our premium private label instant chocolate with whole milk powder is at least 32 percent. It is a three-component cocoa that consists of cocoa powder, sugar and whole milk powder.

In production, these three components are dissolved and mixed together. The liquid blend – also called a slurry – is then spray dried and refined in a special process. A process that remains a closely-guarded secret.

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Private label instant chocolate with whole milk powder from sustainable farming

Discover our extensive range of instant chocolates with whole milk powder. We’ve got the perfect product, whatever the application: Vending machines, manual preparation or dispensers. In addition to individual private label products, you can also make use of our extensive portfolio of established brand, SCHO®. These products offer a convenient way of expanding your range or trying out new products.

Our private label instant chocolates with whole milk powder are premium clean label products without additives or E numbers. Depending on your individual requirements, our product development can also create instant beverages with raw ingredients such as coffee, cocoa and sugar from sustainable, organic farming, with the Fairtrade seal or with Rainforest Alliance certification.

If you’re not familiar with how Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and organic certification works, take a look here:

At Schoppe Instant Beverages, we're also happy to provide advice or answer any questions you may have on these seals and certifications. Please contact us to discuss the different options available to you concerning sustainable production.

Pure instant chocolate

Pure instant chocolate made from cocoa and a special sugar – no dairy products – is our special offer for catering and office coffee service companies. This product is generally made with fresh milk and a powdered topping or coffee creamer in a vending machine for a special full-bodied taste.

Your benefits

  • Premium products with unparalleled taste
  • No additives or E numbers
  • Clean label products
  • Organic, Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance-certified raw materials on request
  • Suitable for manual preparation, hot beverage vending machines or capsules
  • Two or three-component product

High quality you can rely on

We want your customers to savour every sip, which is why we always guarantee the highest quality. We regularly check the origin of our raw ingredients and monitor every step in the production process.

And what’s more, we are also committed to sustainable development which respects people and the environment. This all helps us renew our certifications year after year, presenting you with a supportive partner you can rely on. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail.