Modern technology and safe quality

As a highly capable medium-sized company, Schoppe Instant Beverages draws on the availability of our comprehensive selection of machines and equipment at our Uelzena and Ratzeburg sites and combines them with the production and packaging technologies that are optimal for your product.
Depending on the type of product intended for vending machines, capsule systems or manual preparation and the respective characteristics of the powder, we know which technologies to use.

Besides different spraying towers specifically fitted for instant beverages with different water evaporation rates and various mixing technologies for different batch sized and powder textures, we also use modern agglomeration processes.

In our packaging centers you will find a broad range of packaging machines for single-serving packs such as sticks, sachets or slimlines that are then placed into folding boxes, trays or displays.

Our portfolio comprises cans in various sizes as well as reclosable stand-up pouches or traditional tubular bags.

By using advanced production technologies, together we can consolidate your leading role in the market. We are continually investing into new technologies and into expanding our capacities. This way, we can react flexibly to the increasing and highly individual requirements from our customers.



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Focus on quality

On behalf of our customers, we focus on product quality, functionality and food safety. Our products are always made from carefully selected raw materials, which are constantly monitored by our quality assurance team. These aspects play an important role in minimizing risks when producing your private label products. Numerous certifications demonstrate our approach. We also take up frequent customer audits, operate a modern quality management system according to DIN ISO 9001:2000 and apply HACCP principles.

Continuous monitoring and control

One core element of our quality assurance efforts is the constant monitoring and control of products, right from incoming goods, throughout the production process to the finished products. Raw materials and finished products have to pass extensive tests in terms of taste, product properties and quality, technical features, functionality and safe application before they leave our company as your private label products.

Laboratories and sensory panel

Our laboratories perform comprehensive chemical, physical and microbiological examinations and analyses. The quality of the products is tested in an independent external laboratory. Our in-house sensory panel with its trained tasters according to DIN standards is an additional assurance of the high quality of our products.

All products from our company are optimized precisely for the parameters you have requested; they offer a uniform and reliable quality for the application in question.

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