EU organic seal at Schoppe

There are a number of quality seals on the food market with the green leaf  being the most familiar – the EU organic seal. At Schoppe, we also offer products with the European organic seal for your private label beverages. In this article, we explain which criteria need to be fulfilled. You will also discover which certificates you can combine and why the EU organic seal may be beneficial to you.

Significance of the EU organic seal

The organic seal of the EU certifies compliance with minimum environmental standards in food production. Compliance is checked by eco-inspection bodies and farming associations, who regularly analyse product samples. Production sites and associated processes are also audited regularly. The benchmark of the EU organic seal is that the product needs to meet the criteria for organic food defined in the EC-Eco-regulation. This organic quality seal is also consistent in its requirements at a broader EU level.


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Criteria for organic beverage products in the EU

The following points must be met to obtain a valid EU organic certificate for organic cocoa, organic toppings, organic cappuccino or organic tea:

  • Products must not be exposed to any ionising radiation
  • Use of genetic engineering is limited to a maximum of 0.9 %
  • No use of synthetic pesticides
  • Food production without the use of easily soluble mineral fertilisers
  • All ingredients of agricultural origin must come from organic farming
  • Strictly regulated exceptions permit a maximum of 5 percent non-organic ingredients
  • Sweeteners, stabilisers and artificial colourings, preservatives and flavour enhancers are prohibited
  • Only explicitly permitted vegetable thickening agents, raising agents or emulsifiers can be used in the product
  • Strict regulation and monitoring of the import of raw materials and products from third countries
  • Diversified crop rotations in farming are observed (two, three and four-field farming practice)

Schoppe products with the EU organic seal

At Schoppe Instant Beverages, you can have your private label instant beverage produced using organic ingredients, and therefore distinguish your instant beverage with the EU organic seal. Whether you need instant beverages for use in hot drink vending machines, for capsules or a product for manual preparation, Schoppe can help you with:

  • Organic instant chocolate drinks
  • Organic instant coffee
  • Organic instant tea
  • Organic toppings

Benefits of an EU organic seal

Many consumers set great store by compliance with environmental standards for foods and their decision to buy is based on a product being labelled with eco-seals. The organic seal of the EU is generally recognised – and well known. It therefore usually needs no further explanation, allowing consumers to make their choice without needing to take in a lot of information. Receiving this seal can therefore promote sales.

Another advantage is that the standard is consistent across the EU, enabling a vast market to be reached with the EU organic seal.

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Opportunities to combine with other quality seals

Customers who consciously choose ecologically produced food, usually also consider sustainable and fair production conditions important. For this reason, it is often a good idea to use raw materials and ingredients that are certified with the Fairtrade seal or the Rainforest Alliance seal (formerly the UTZ seal) in addition to the EU organic seal. These food seals hold great value in terms of sustainable farming and fair trade, particularly for organic coffee, organic cocoa and organic tea.

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