3-in-1 coffee

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Convenient indulgence for in between times

What could be more convenient? With our 3-in-1 coffee your customers can prepare a complete coffee in a matter of seconds - without any coffee maker or vending machine, you simply add hot water. In general, the product consists of instant coffee, coffee creamer and sugar. Coffee is the dominating taste with milk and sugar merely rounding off the pleasure.

Apart from the traditional 3-in-1 products, there are also 2-in-1 products available that do not contain sugar and products in which the coffee has been replaced by cocoa. 3-in-1 coffees are extremely popular in hotels and canteens, on airplanes and motorway restaurants - everywhere where speed and simplicity is a must.

Your benefits

Convenient multi-component instant products
Perfect serving sizes in sticks or sachets
Also suited for manual preparation
Always fresh with full flavor
Available as sugarless 2-in-1 products

Packaging options

Folding box
Folding box

Packaging options for 3-in-1 coffee

Our multi-component instant products are predominantly packed in sticks and sachets or other single serving packagings. In this way, we ensure perfect portioning while offering your customers an ever-fresh product without any loss of aroma. The individual serving units are then packed into folding boxes with for example, 10 sticks or 10 sachets each. 

Moreover, we offer the option of packaging the sachets or sticks into dispenser boxes or bulk cardboard boxes. Contact us! Together we will find the perfect packaging solution for your 3-in-1 coffee products.

Instant coffee 3-in-1

Instant products - for example, as a component in 3-in-1 coffee – they are indispensable for quick coffee indulgence. But how do you turn a coffee bean into soluble granules? The process starts in a similar way to the production of common coffee powder with the roasting and grinding of the beans. Next, the soluble compounds in the coffee are extracted in a specific plant.

This requires high temperatures and a pressure of up to 20 bar. The coffee extract is then concentrated and either spray dried or freeze dried. The difference between these processes is that the thermal load is much less in a freeze-drying process and results in higher product quality.

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